Friday, July 25, 2014

Poetry Readings : "Exoskeleton Man" and "Fluttering Sparrow Heart"

I don't normally like revealing the meaning behind my poems, but this was written about two of my own characters, who reside in an unwritten story. I wrote it from the point of view of a young girl who falls in love with her rugged, older protector as they traverse the wilderness. She battles between her love of him, and her disgust at both his rejection and hatred of himself. This ends when he leaves her behind to avoid breaking a promise to her deceased father. A promise that he would not taint her purity. This poem is from my poetry book "Fragments From Nowhere", which will soon be available as a Motion Book on DeviantART for public viewing. Music in this video is by Kevin MacLeod (

I wrote this poem from the point of view of a sparrow, but it was also intended as an abstract metaphor about conformity. This poem is from my poetry book "Fragments From Nowhere", which will also soon be available as a Motion Book on DeviantART for public viewing. Music in the video is by Kevin MacLeod (

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Closing Chapters

Recent events concerning communication with people online have made me reflect further on a topic I delved into last year. I made this video last Summer, when I was battling a lot of conflicting emotions concerning the apathy and disinterest of people online when it comes to meaningful connections. I've since vastly changed, even from this video - but I decided to finally share it, as I feel like it was the first time I was able to move on from the sorrow this caused me in the past, and also take responsibility for the fact that I was most often setting myself up for disappointment. I wrote a massive amount of text on how people no longer wish to connect anymore, then a large text about how most friendships aren't meant to last. Both of those are no longer online, as I feel they weren't terribly accurate to what I feel at this point.. I've since reflected on my personality type, and on the fact that loving people online is usually a waste of emotion, as it very rarely ever produces anything meaningful. It is often an "excuse to get hurt", if you will. I'll provide the links to those posts, if you're interested in reading more about this :

Personality Type

Love's an excuse to get hurt

Closing Chapters from Taylor on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Album Review : "Some Heavy Ocean" - Emma Ruth Rundle

It's not terribly often that an album I can't classify as some form of "metal" or "hard rock" can whittle its way into my heart and anchor itself permanently. Emma Ruth Rundle is well known as a brilliant guitarist in the instrumental, post-rock band Red Sparowes, and also as a guitarist and singer in Marriages, which blends emotive vocals with hard-hitting post-rock music that sometimes reminds me of Caspian's "Tertia". I know and love her from these bands, so when I sat down and listened to her ethereal, poignant solo album, "Some Heavy Ocean", I was awestruck and left exceedingly emotional. I know it may be a grand statement, but this album has become my favorite album ever created by a female musician.

When an artist of her caliber as a musician, writer, and singer sets out to create something honest, emotional, and powerful - the end result is mind-blowing. This is not just poetry told through music, it is a contemplative, deep, intellectual, enigmatic, and heart-wrenching piece of art.

This is the second song on the album, "Shadows of My Name". It starts out as a dulcet, acoustic track with an airy, almost childlike female voice, but there is nothing childlike about this album as a whole. The song transforms into something utterly powerful, and the vocal grows in strength and conviction, until you recognize the song as a kind of plea to escape personal darkness.

This song, "Savage Saint", is one of my favorites off the album. It was one of those rare times when I hear a song for the very first time, and am brought to tears from the sheer emotion of it, not out of some form of nostalgia. The song on its own brought me to tears, and that does not happen to me often. The lyrics to this song are desperately sad, but for reasons only the writer knows. Naturally, the more you listen, you place your own heart into a song as beautiful as this, and the words threaten to tear my heart into pieces. These lines in particular could not be any more accurate to how I've felt lately :

"I held him, his short life
In my hands, in my heart
I held him, his whole life
In my hands, in my heart"

As moved as I was by the entire album, I have to say, "Living With The Black Dog" is my favorite. This song has the same unidentifiable emotion and eerie quality that bands like Jesu and Isis capture. The kind of sensation that leaves you gaping at memories and images that aren't truly your own, but resonate for reasons you don't even need to understand.

I am officially a deeply appreciative fan of Emma Ruth Rundle, and I can say with complete honesty that this album will be in the rotation in the last stages of my novel. I needed to hear this, and it will provide much needed inspiration.

Buy the album here :